Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First comment

Well I have now managed to get my first reader. Even if he turns out to be the only one, I feel a new sense of accomplishment. A big welcome to him and to everyone else who comes across this blog. I am realizing that a lot of my posts may end up being on dating. I don't intend to focus only on dating but since it makes up a significant part of my life I will keep writing about it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Would you trust a divorced Shadcan?

I use the dating site or as I like to call it Sawyouinhell. I will share with everyone my many experiences using this site in futures posts. On one occasion a match was suggested to me by a married couple. By the way is it just me or does everyone who gets married immediately have to become a shadcan on that site. Whats with that I mean do they sign you up at the chuppah. Anyway both the couple said they were both divorced from this was their second marriage. Which got me to thinking if your going to fix people up isn't that fact that your divorced yourself kind of a bad sign. I don't want to pick on divorced people. Obviously no one gets married with the goal of getting divorced. Its a very painful and depressing experience for everyone involved. And I'm glad this couple was able to get remarried. But if you failed at finding the right person yourself then what makes you think you can find the one for me. Its hard enough to trust many shadcanim as it is. Or is it like the analogy of the heart surgeon who can operate on everyone but himself. Just wondering what people think.

Whats with Neve Girls?

Those in the orthodox community are probably familiar with the BT girl's seminary. For those readers who are not familiar Neve is basically the preeminent seminary for BT girls. It is located in Israel and has been around for over 30 years. Anyone really interested can go to I have gone out with several girls from this seminary. The girls I have dealt with seem to be heavily brainwashed. Now don't get my wrong I realize that in every seminary, yeshiva or any kind of communal group there will be a certain level of brainwashing. Thinking for yourself always get people in trouble just read 1984 if you don't believe me. But why are these girls spending one or even two years at this seminary. Because it seems to me that the girls who go there end up not knowing how to think for themselves. Suddenly they can't make a decision without asking their rabbis, rebbetzins or whoever their advisor is. So my question is why not just save yourself the time girls and get a rabbi to begin with. Then simply do whatever he tells you to do. No matter what he tells you to do. Do it with complete conviction and devotion. After all whats the point of learning when all your doing is just preparing yourself to blindly follow anyway. Please note this does not apply to all Neve girls. I'm sure there are plenty of girls who go there or went there who are actually capable of thinking for themselves and don't spout the company line. However I have unfortunately not met any yet.

New Direction

Not that anyone knew about this blog before. But I have decided to start over and change everything except the name of the blog. I have erased all previous posts and changed my identity. Realistically I don't think many people will come across this blog or read it. The main reason I am doing it is for myself. If some people discover it great, if not no big deal. I wasn't sure what direction to go with it. There are a ton of blogs out there as it is. I mean what could my humble blog really add. There are all ready blogs about the whole BT experience both positive and negative. As well as being a Orthodox Jew also both positive and negative. Jewish politics, dating and life in general. Well as many writers are told when first starting out write about what you know. In this case writing about what I know would of course mean writing about myself. So since nobody knows me like me, or can write about me I will share my experiences both good and bad. I am trying to keep a certain level of anonymity with this blog. If for some reason someone reads this and figures out who I am I won't look at it as the end of the world. But simply email me and I will confirm if your guess is right or wrong. So without further adieu sit back and enjoy.
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